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B4RN Fibre Router Installation

(David Boardman, Hyperfast Solutions)

So then, you have decided to join the community of Hyperfast broadband users, and now you are wondering where you are going to put what must be a rather large router to deliver that much speed!

Well the B4RN router is about the size of 2 BT Home Hub 2's fused together (or a cereal box). It's pretty basic in appearance, just a plain white box mounted a little proud of its backplate with a few flashing lights and cables plugging into the bottom of the unit.

Router fixed

Current B4RN Router (from the bottom)

Router fitted (older model!)

External fibre point

Just like the phone line from BT, the point where the B4RN connection enters the property will be fixed and once there, it stays there. You get to choose where on the ground floor of your property you would like the router to be located. If you've chosen not to take the service immediately just a similarly sized base plate will be fitted. There are some constraints due to the characteristics of fibre, but generally the router can be sited in the most convenient place. The router is a premium piece of equipment, as are the couplings and filters, but the labour element is free, as the install team will be community volunteers helping to save on the cost of installations. If you want a more complex installation you could seek advice and pay someone to do the work.

When identifying where to site the B4RN router you should consider the following: it needs to be no further than 1.5 m from a power socket, how will it look in your room, air circulation (not too much or too little), whether all the devices that need a wired connection can reach it and what the Wi-Fi coverage will be like. As most people won't know much about the last two, that is where the local team can help if needed. There are several great DIY articles on the B4RN website and also individuals, small businesses and companies locally and nationally that can help with all aspects of high speed home and business networks. Keeping it really simple, and on the premise that your current broadband router site works for you, just see if the fibre can be routed to the same location and pick a convenient spot on the wall. All of the connectivity within the home or business is the responsibility of the householder; just as it is with other providers.

Once you have identified and agreed the best location for your router, the appropriate length of ducting can be provided to bring the fibre from the property boundary to your house wall. Digging the land within the property boundary is something to be arranged between you and the community. I am sure that with a cooperative effort many installations can be done with community support. For those more challenging ones there are many local gardeners who would be happy to quote for the work.

If you don't really understand what's needed or are unable to find help, you can contact my own local business, Hyperfast Solutions. We can help with everything beyond the router installation:

Hyperfast Solutions, Tel: 015242 36400

Contact the B4RN for Casterton Project Team if you need to talk about anything. They are sure to be able to help somehow.

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